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A Pest Removal Service Provider Shares Some Crucial Information about Raccoons and Their Ways of Entering Residential Properties

Raccoons love to hide in attics where it’s warm, safe, and ideal for them to raise a litter of baby raccoons. The big question is how do they get into the attic in the first place? Just like any animal, they are very good at finding vulnerable areas in your home’s structure. If there is whole, crack, or otherwise damaged area in your home’s exterior, they will take advantage of it and rip their way through walls and flashing if necessary. As a pest removal service provider, I’ve seen many cases when raccoons simply have torn apart a small area of a roof just to get into the attic.

There are many areas in a home that are vulnerable to raccoon infestation; however, the most common one is the area where the roof meets the gutter. Usually, this area should be covered with metal flashing. However, due to continuous exposure to the elements, these areas become weak. Raccoons are very good at identifying these areas, and with a little bit of effort, they can get into your attic. Although they don’t pose a real threat to people’s lives, they can definitely cause quite a scare. There were cases when raccoons felt through the ceiling into the house. That can give you quite a scare.

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