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You Have Never Hired an Expert Company to Perform Bed Bugs Control?

Bed bugs are one of the oldest pest species on Earth which still infest our homes. They date back from Ancient Egypt about 3,300 years ago. Having in mind that a female bed bug can lay about 200-500 eggs in her lifetime, it comes as no surprise that these pests have survived for so long and have reached other continents like the US despite the application of well-developed bed bugs control techniques. Today, our top pest control specialists would like to tell you a bit more about these insects and how extermination experts deal with them nowadays.

– The first thing that is done is a thorough inspection. It aims to discover all of the places where bed bugs are hiding. Some of the most obvious signs  for  their presence are: rust colored stains on bed sheets, mattress tags, bed skirts, and pillow cases. Bed bugs also love to hide in the corners of closets, inside night stands, under beds and other furniture, in the mattress seams, and even in some of your books. This is why, it should not be surprising to you that the initial inspection usually takes a long time when it is done professionally.

– Once the inspection has finished, an extermination plan is developed by the bed bugs control expert.

– The infested room, as well as the surrounding rooms are treated with bed bug and egg sack killing chemicals. Although those chemicals are safe for both humans and pets, it is a good idea to ventilate the place for 4-5 hours after your extermination team has left the property. Some companies use stronger chemicals, so you’d better stay on the safe side.

– This chemical application process is repeated at least 2-3 times, on a fortnightly basis. For larger infestations, more treatments may be necessary.

Remember that it is very important to hire the right bed bugs control company in order to get the quality results which you expect. If you are located in Milwaukee, WI, you can definitely contact Elite Zenith Dominant! Pest & Rodent Control Services anytime you need expert help! We will be glad to help you get rid of nuisance domestic bug infestations!