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Check List: Easy Steps, that will help us, help you.

  1. Remove all fabrics from the bedrooms and bedroom closets, and tie them up in plastic bags. (Clothes, Shoes, ALL Bedding including pillows and cases.) CLOSETS SHOULD BE EMPTY!
  2. Throw rugs and curtains should also be removed and put inside plastic bags, and tied. ALL OF THEM!
  3. ALL dressers and night stands inside target rooms must be empty, in order to properly inspect and possibly treat. (Furniture Treatment Is a courtesy provided by Techs based on their own assessments.)Fees may apply. *Paid on sight by Tenant.
  4. Tenant must understand that it is their responsibility to thoroughly check their own personal items for bed bugs. (i.e Envelopes, Shoes, Hats, Personal items etc.) BED BUGS WILL HIDE IN THOSE THINGS, SO TAKE YOUR TIME.
  5. The Bedroom furniture should be moved at least 1- Foot from the baseboards of each wall. Bed and Box spring should be in an upright position. (Against The Wall is fine.)

Don’t over load the dryer in an effort to save time. Fill half way, turn on high heat for 15-20 mins. Then remove from the dryer and put them in a different bag and so on.
*Note: If you do not have checklist complete when Tech arrives for scheduled appointment. TENANT will be charged a re-scheduling fee of $50.00 (Tenant will schedule appointment, not property owner.)

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If you have any questions concerning preparation before your scheduled treatment, please feel free to contact us at (414) 369-6585 or by email: Bugassasin1@gmail.com and look for other tips on maintaining a prep ready home at our website.


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