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Trees are a great asset to any property. They provide privacy, shade, and add beauty to the landscape. However, trees can also cause problems, especially from a pest control standpoint. When trees overgrow, they create access points for rodents and pests to enter your house. It is of the utmost importance that you trim your trees regularly, and if they are too close to your house, then you should consider removing them.

Some of the most common insects that have a habit of invading a home through trees on the property are carpenter ants. These insects look like normal ants, the only thing is that they are bigger, and they can cause severe damage to wooden structures. Although they don’t actually feed on wood, they can definitely cause damage by burrowing into wood in order to create their nests.

If you notice any signs of carpenter ants on your property, then you should hire a pest control service provider for a thorough inspection. A trained professional will work to identify and remove the ant nests by strategically treating the area.

Preventive measures are the key to avoiding a rather expensive carpenter ants removal service. So, make sure that you remove all dead, and decaying wood from your property. If your trees extend over your house, consider trimming or removing them altogether. Properly store firewood away from your home and keep it covered in order to avoid moisture.

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