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Bed Bug Removal Can Be a Necessity. Learn When.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed exclusively on blood. Luckily, these insects do not carry hazardous and contagious diseases that spread from person to person; however, their bites may cause a serious allergic reaction that requires medical attention. This is why, if you have kids that still do not have a very strong immune system and at the same time suspect that your home is infested with bed bugs, you should instantly book a bed bug removal service, or you may otherwise put their health at risk.

How to recognize bed bugs or symptoms of their infestation?

Bed bugs are small flat insects which are reddish-brown in color and reach no more than 0.2 inches. The number of bed bug infestations in the US is, unfortunately, rapidly growing. There has been a 500% increase in the bed bug complaints over the last 2 years. This is probably a result of the fact that a single bed bug can produce hundreds of offspring, which means that if you do not eliminate them at an early stage, you may later need to invest a lot more time and money in their extermination. What’s even more shocking about these bugs is that they feed between 3 and 5 minutes and can live without food for a year.
Signs of bed bug infestation, which may suggest that it is high time for bed bug removal:

  • Casings and skin shed by bed bugs
  • Red bite marks
  • Live bed bugs or their eggs
  • Musty smell

If you detect any of these signs, the first thing that you need to do is to protect yourselves and your family from their growing colony in your home is to call a local exterminator that you trust in order to book a bed bug removal service. An experienced contractor to trust in Milwaukee, WI is Elite Zenith Dominant! Pest & Rodent Control Services. We are a team of licensed and well-trained exterminators that know their business and will help you get rid of these annoying pests as soon as possible. In order to get in contact with us and book your extermination appointment, call our office at (414) 369-6585!